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  • Advantage
    Technical advantages

    It has been more than ten years since the establishment of SWAT, we rely on the professional strength of the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, start from relevant international national standards and industry standards, and insist on the design principle of combining the theoretical calculations of classic acoustics and the results of actual measurements, design and construct nearly 200 acoustic laboratories with different scales, technical requirements and characteristics have been established. The main customers are national scientific research institutions, key universities and colleges and famous multinational companies. At present, we have designed and constructed more than 150 anechoic room projects (Note: Industrial noise control projects are not included, and all of them are professional anechoic room projects). Each laboratory has passed a third-party verification test, and its technical indicators have reached or exceeded the design requirements, and won wide acclaim and praise.

    Experience advantage

    Due to long-term cooperation with the Institute of Acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and undertaking a large number of acoustic laboratory design and construction projects, we have accumulated a lot of experience and also cultivated various professional engineers involved in the laboratory construction process. Our ability and experience in project integration as an acoustic general contractor is undoubtedly an advantage in China. We are capable of coordinating the working interface between all suppliers from civil design, building construction, HVAC, acoustic treatment and testing systems, and providing acoustic supervision in every link from design to construction to ensure the final acoustic index. In fact, our company is responsible for the design and construction of the high-standard anechoic chambers built in China in recent years, except for imported products.

    Professional advantage

    SWAT always regards product quality as its life. BSWA has passed the ISO9000 certification of German Rheinland (TUV) version. On this basis, SWAT has passed ISO9000 for the design, installation and service of acoustic laboratory (anechoic room). Special certification, the product has a complete quality control method in every step of design, processing, testing and installation. SWAT has been pursuing professionalism with almost strict standards and clear positioning. Because of this, we have the energy to have strict control measures in every link of the product manufacturing process to ensure that it not only has the consistency of appearance, but also the consistency of acoustic indicators. At the same time, we also have a stable and professional construction team, and skilled installation workers ensure the perfect presentation from drawings to objects, from design to products, to ensure that the design indicators and commitments to customers are fully realized and the after-sales service is guaranteed. responding speed.

    Service advantage

    The acoustic laboratory is not a one-time consumer product, so it needs to pay more attention to service. Our service usually starts with the first communication with customers, by listening to their needs, and providing customers with professional advice. When various professional large-scale projects were launched, we were invited to intervene in the pre-design stage of the project. In the projects of metrology, quality inspection, and automobile industry, it is precisely because of our professional pre-service that we finally won customers. After the completion of the project, our service is far from over. Technical cooperation is also an extension of our service. In NVH scientific research, we also have advanced testing equipment and professional technicians, and we have regular exchanges with international professional companies and research institutions, contacting the world's technological frontiers and sharing with customers.

    Talent advantage

    SWAT has a professional acoustic consultant team. The members of the product R&D department are doctoral students from top professional acoustic colleges at home and abroad (Tongji, Beihang University, and universite du maine). The members of the manufacturing department have an average of more than ten years of engineering manufacturing experience. The members of the project engineering department come from domestic professional design institutes and have rich project construction experience. From research and development to manufacturing and construction, the talents of all departments are linked together and cooperate closely to create the best quality acoustic solutions for you.

    Tel Map
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