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  • Acoustic customized products
    Acoustic customized products

    At present, SWAT's wedges mainly include gauze wedge and metal wedge, respectively JPC and JPM series.

    2、Sound isulation door & wedge door

    The use of stainless steel flat bearing hinges ensures that the door panel switch is light and stable, can stay at any angle, and will not deform or fall after long-term use. The assembly form is also easier to install and maintain. All plane bearing hinges are designed and processed by our company to ensure the load-bearing capacity (the load- of single bearing is 50kN) and anti-wear and fatigue performance of each hinge
    Fireproof and anti-corrosion performance: Passed fire resistance test, integrity of sound insulation door ≥120min, passed neutral salt spray test, after 400 hours, the facade has no corrosive defects such as rust, peeling, wrinkle, blistering or cracking .

    Sound insulation performance: The sound insulation exceeds 45dB.


    3、R-Cabin reverberation box

    R-Cabin is based on the international standard reverberation room and is scaled down. Any two walls are not parallel. The sound absorption of the cabinet itself is very low, and it has a low background and high sound insulation capacity. Four shock absorbers are installed under the box. Sound field excitation is provided by speakers installed diagonally up and down in the cabinet. There are four microphone racks inside facilitate the installation and fixation of the microphone. The sample surface area is 1.2 m2, and the test frequency range is 400~10000Hz, which is consistent with the frequency range required by the automotive industry.

    4、Anechoic box

    The anechoic box requires a low budget, a small area, but can meet a good sound absorption effect, that is, a reduced anechoic room, which is mainly used for acoustic testing of communication products, electroacoustic products, small fans, and scientific research.

    5、Quick Install Acoustic Panel (SWAP)

    The Quick Install Acoustic Panel (SWAP) is used for rooms that require subjective listening conditions, such as: recording studios, theaters, audio-visual rooms, conference rooms, etc. On the one hand, these occasions cannot be completely absorbed like an anechoic room, otherwise it will make the sound in the room sound too quiet and lack vitality, which will easily make people feel tired, on the other hand it cannot be completely diffused like a reverberation room, otherwise it will easy to make the sound in the room appear muddy, unclear, or even echo. Therefore, these occasions need a flat acoustic material for the human hearing experience, which can not only ensure proper sound absorption, but also ensure that the reverberation time meets the language and music listening standards. In conference halls and lecture halls, language is very importand. The main area also needs to have high speech intelligibility.


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